Haguichi 0.9.2 Released

Haguichi 0.9.2 is now available. This release contains just a couple of small updates: Complete translations for two new languages: Russian and Swedish. Some other translation updates. Fixed dialogs sometimes being visible shortly at startup. Fixed unnecessary deployment of Main.cs… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 0.9.1 Released

Haguichi 0.9.1 is out! Updates are: Complete translations for three new languages: French, German and Spanish. Haguichi is now able to automatically reconnect when the connection is lost. Haguichi now waits for an established internet connection before trying to connect,… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 0.9.0 Released

I am proud to announce the first public release of Haguichi. Haguichi provides a graphical frontend for Hamachi on Linux that integrates smoothly into your GNOME desktop. This release contains all features required to control Hamachi plus much more. To… Continue Reading →

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