Haguichi 1.4.1 Released

Haguichi 1.4.1 has embarked on a great journey packing the following changes: Initialization is now completely multi-threaded. Now using a thread pool for determining network ownership and retreiving long nicks. Made improvements to configuring and restarting the Hamachi service (fixes… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.4.0 Released

Haguichi 1.4.0 has washed ashore carrying bulk of new features and updates: Implemented shortcuts window for GTK+ version 3.20 and later. Revamped preferences dialog using stack, list box and switch widgets. Integrated appindicator as build option and added accompanying switch… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.8 Released

Haguichi 1.3.8 has been brewed to provide some nice layout improvements and other updates: Sidebar contents are now vertically scrollable and the action buttons have been moved to a bottom fixed action bar. Pending attach requests are displayed more clearly… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.5 Released

Haguichi 1.3.5 has been dropped from the sky to supply the following changes: Added line OnlyShowIn=GNOME;MATE;Unity;X-Cinnamon; to autostart .desktop file in order to prevent implicit automatic startup in other desktop environments. Added line X-GNOME-UsesNotifications=true to application .desktop file in order… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.2 Released

Haguichi 1.3.2 has arrived to squash a few bugs and to deliver some fresh translations: Client side decorations are now used on latest Budgie desktop (fixes bug #1531266). Fixed high CPU usage when using GTK+ 3.18 (bug #1531587). Fixed high… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.23 Released

Haguichi 1.0.23 kicks off the new year with the following updates: Improved internet connection check by using netcat and web request as fallback if ping fails (fixes bug #1258361). Wait for internet connection cycle is now using a separate thread…. Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.22 Released

Haguichi 1.0.22 has left the building bearing these improvements: Increased command throughput rate (fixes bug #1205527). Refactored command execution code so that it can handle large output (fixes bug #1204250). Now using ping to check the internet connection, which is… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.21 Released

Haguichi 1.0.21 has been released to the wild carrying these features: Added functionality to open, backup and restore the Hamachi configuration folder. Added support for pkexec to gain super user privileges (fixes bug #1179071). Refactored network list extraction code to… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.20 Released

Haguichi 1.0.20 has arrived to provide these updates: Added 48×48 hicolor panel icons to accommodate Gnome Shell 3.6. Swapped some icons in the icon chooser popup menu to improve cross icon theme compatibility. Made some changes to basically support gateway… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.16 Released

Haguichi 1.0.16 has appeared to share the following improvements: Added capacity to network tooltip (available when using Hamachi version Added connection type (direct or relayed) to member tooltip. Added cyan colored icon for online members whose connections are relayed…. Continue Reading →

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