Haguichi 1.4.1 Released

Haguichi 1.4.1 has embarked on a great journey packing the following changes: Initialization is now completely multi-threaded. Now using a thread pool for determining network ownership and retreiving long nicks. Made improvements to configuring and restarting the Hamachi service (fixes… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.7 Released

Haguichi 1.3.7 bears improvements for drowsy computers and spry users: Implemented inhibitor to properly disconnect Hamachi when the computer goes to sleep and to reconnect on wake-up. Client side decorations are now used on Cinnamon desktops. Added support for dde-file-manager,… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.6 Released

Haguichi 1.3.6 has been wrapped together with a nice bunch of updates: Client side decorations are now used on Deepin and KDE desktops. Added support for gvncviewer, vncviewer, xtightvncviewer, xvnc4viewer and rdesktop. Added SSH to the default command set (as… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.1 Released

Haguichi 1.3.1 has been released to bring updated metadata and improved compatibility for a plethora of systems: Added AppData XML file for GNOME Software Center. Added keywords to .desktop file to improve findability in application launchers. Improved compatibility with GTK+… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.25 Released

Haguichi 1.0.25 has come around the corner to bring the following updates: Improved shading of the hi-res application icon so that it looks better on dark backgrounds. All automatically detectable terminal applications are now called using the -e option with… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.19 Released

Ho, ho, ho! Santa Claus has come to town and dropped some presents: Applications to use as terminal, file manager and remote desktop viewer can now be automatically detected. Make sure your commands are respectively using the variables %TERMINAL, %FILEMANAGER… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.17 Released

Haguichi 1.0.17 has beamed down to convey these updates: Removed all support for Hamachi, because with that version it’s not possible to login anymore. Added support for member error statuses introduced in Hamachi version Improved sorting by status…. Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.6 Released

Haguichi 1.0.6 knocked on the door slightly earlier than expected: Fixed mismatch between model and view when not showing offline members in the network list, which could result in crashes (Bug #723506). Now also collapsing or expanding networks after list… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.0.1 Released

Haguichi 1.0.1 is out! Changes are: Added support for attaching the HamachiĀ² client to a LogMeIn account. Improved out of the box support for different environments: The default commands are now using KDE applications when a KDE session is detected…. Continue Reading →

What commands do you use?

As you may have noticed, Haguichi currently ships with three default commands, specifically: Browse Shares (nautilus smb://%A/) View Remote Desktop (vinagre %A) Ping (gnome-terminal -x ping %A) Now, I’m interested to know what commands you actually use. Especially if you… Continue Reading →

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