Haguichi 1.4.1 Released

Haguichi 1.4.1 has embarked on a great journey packing the following changes: Initialization is now completely multi-threaded. Now using a thread pool for determining network ownership and retreiving long nicks. Made improvements to configuring and restarting the Hamachi service (fixes… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.4.0 Released

Haguichi 1.4.0 has washed ashore carrying bulk of new features and updates: Implemented shortcuts window for GTK+ version 3.20 and later. Revamped preferences dialog using stack, list box and switch widgets. Integrated appindicator as build option and added accompanying switch… Continue Reading →

Haguichi Is Now Available on Elementary OS AppCenter

Christmas presents are early this year: Haguichi has been published on AppCenter! This means elementary OS users now have the pleasure to install Haguichi in a fast and simple way. By clicking the button below, for example. The version shipped… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.8 Released

Haguichi 1.3.8 has been brewed to provide some nice layout improvements and other updates: Sidebar contents are now vertically scrollable and the action buttons have been moved to a bottom fixed action bar. Pending attach requests are displayed more clearly… Continue Reading →

Haguichi 1.3.5 Released

Haguichi 1.3.5 has been dropped from the sky to supply the following changes: Added line OnlyShowIn=GNOME;MATE;Unity;X-Cinnamon; to autostart .desktop file in order to prevent implicit automatic startup in other desktop environments. Added line X-GNOME-UsesNotifications=true to application .desktop file in order… Continue Reading →

Goodbye Mono, Hello Vala!

A long time ago, in the year 2007, yours truly was slowly but determinately switching to Linux. Inpired by the consistent look and feel of GTK+ applications within the GNOME2 desktop environment, I wanted to start programming using this toolkit…. Continue Reading →

PPA, 1-click install and more…

Good news for people who would like to get Haguichi from a repository! A few days ago the WebUpd8 team has created a PPA for Haguichi. And at the same time Adam Mizerski finished creating a ton of packages for… Continue Reading →

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